HPHA looking to reduce wait times for certain surgeries

The CEO for the Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance says they’re taking steps to improve wait times for some procedures.

Andrew Williams says there’s been a push throughout Southwestern Ontario to form a centralized wait list for cataract surgery.

“So where anybody waiting for a cataract surgery is on the same wait list and has the option of going to the shortest wait list, the closest wait list or a physician of choice. And those areas and services that have implemented centralized wait lists have seen a positive impact on wait times,” Williams said.

Williams says it’s not going to completely solve the wait issue.

“We feel it’s not going to solve the wait issue but it’s going to help and so being a part of that is for use important. We still are actively recruiting. We’re short ophthalmologists in this region, so we’re actively recruiting, but this particular initiative, the centralized wait list, will help with the wait times we’re experiencing,” added Williams.

Williams says improvements in technology have made it easier to implement a centralized wait list now.

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