Agricultural groups push for passage of Bill C-234 to exempt grain drying from carbon tax

Huron-Bruce MP Ben Lobb’s bill that seeks to exempt grain drying and heating barns from the federal carbon tax, has made progress in the Senate.

After passing the second reading, Bill C-234 will now go to committee for further discussion.

With the summer break approaching and only two weeks remaining before the upper chamber rises, several agricultural groups are urging for the timely passage of the bill.

Ian Boxall, president of the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan, emphasized the importance of passing the bill before the summer break to ensure its implementation in the fall. The added cost of the carbon tax on fuel for grain drying during challenging seasons can have a significant impact on farmers, outweighing any potential rebates.

Other agricultural organizations echoed the call for swift action on the bill, highlighting the benefits it would bring to livestock producers and the prevention of food safety issues related to moisture levels in grain drying.

If the bill is not passed by June 30th, it will be taken up again when the fall sitting of Parliament begins.

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