Council supports resolution regarding Pride Paramedic Epaulettes

Huron County council has supported a resolution from former Warden Bernie MacLellan regarding the wearing of Pride Paramedic Epaulettes.

During the discussion on whether paramedics should be allowed to wear the Pride Epaulettes MacLellan said he didn’t have any concerns about the particular epaulettes that were being requested.

“Where I have a concern is there are a lot of groups out there that have a lot of good programs or things that they want to share with the public. But if we accept some but then can’t accept everybody because there’s too many, it’s going to look like we’re showing favouritism,” MacLellan stated.

MacLellan says he believes the most important thing is that the uniforms for the EMS are to be recognized by the people they’re serving that these are EMS people.

“If you’ve had a heart attack, you’re not worried what badges, pins or anything else that the person has on their jacket when they show up. You want them to show up to show you their medical expertise in helping you out. And I think that’s the most important thing,” added MacLellan.

MacLellan says he believes the safest thing is for the county to pass a policy that they want the uniforms to be as clean as possible and that way they’re not showing favouritism to any one group. Council passed a resolution that asked staff to come back with a report on how they could go about implementing a policy like that if they chose to do it.

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