Whatley: Think Canada’s pandemic response was better than the U.S.? Think again

When it comes to health care, Canadians only seem to care about one thing: Are we better than the United States? As long as we “beat” the U.S., we remain smug about our performance. This attitude can be hard to square, however, with the Canadians who get quick access to top-level care in the U.S. […]


Adam: Ford shouldn’t have waited to declare stay-at-home order

It’s sometimes difficult to understand why governments have to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into doing the right thing even when the evidence is clear. With COVID-19 surging, rising fears about the more contagious and deadly new variants, and ICU capacity at breaking point, things looked pretty bleak for Ontario. Case counts topped 3,000 for […]


Sims: Holder being too nice with Ford as third wave hammers London region

Please, Mayor Ed Holder, tell me you were sprinkling a little sugar on your description of the conversation you had this week with Premier Doug Ford. London’s mayor said at Thursday’s pandemic media briefing that he spoke to Ford earlier this week after London and Middlesex County were practically snubbed in the expansion of the […]