Huron County Museum looking to renovate spaces

Some major changes are happening at the Huron County Museum.

Senior Curator Elizabeth French-Gibson said they’ve been looking at how they might be able to update some of the exhibits in their permanent galleries for the last few years. And the space they’ve selected first is upstairs in the old school house and it was called the Industry Gallery.

“So we started to take a look at what was in there, how people were using the space and what stories, in particular, were missing from the space,” she said. “We’ve been working on that for a number of years to determine where the next steps are and we’re now ready to do a major installation and change in that exhibit gallery.”

French-Gibson said there haven’t been any significant changes to that space since the 1980s, so it’s had a good life. But it’s time for a change and they’re ready to tell some new stories.

She said the process has already started with the dismantling of what was in the space and she says the county’s Property Service Crew has done a great job. They’ve redone the walls, the paint, the floor and the ceiling so they have a blank slate to work with, and they have a design outlined on paper.

“Our next steps for the summer months are to start doing all of the research that goes into what will go into the space, selecting the artifacts, and determining how we’re going to tell those stories,” said French-Gibson. “Right after that is the construction and the installation and putting it all together.”

They hope to have it all completed and open next year. French-Gibson said if people want to come to the museum and see the space and what’s going on, she’d be happy to hear what they like to see in that space.

If anyone has any ideas, they can also call her at the museum at 519-524-2686, ext.2207.

They will be open to the public on International Museum Day on May 18, and she will be there to talk with anyone who drops in.

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