London’s overnight parking ban lifts Monday

Londoners and visitors to the city will be able to park their vehicles overnight on most streets starting next week.

The City of London is once again lifting its overnight parking ban for the season starting on Monday. That means drivers can leave their vehicles parked on many streets between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. without the need of an overnight parking pass. From the start of November to the end of April, drivers require that pass to park on-street without penalty.

Vehicles parked on the street overnight cannot be left for several days however. Under the consolidated traffic and parking bylaw, no vehicle is allowed to remain parked on a city street for any longer than 18 hours at a time. They can also not be left where parking is otherwise prohibited or restricted including in front of fire hydrants, on boulevards, front lawns, or streets identified by signs as being enforced.

The easing of overnight parking restrictions does not apply to commercial motor vehicles, mobile homes, or trailers as they have their own regulations, city officials stressed.

Overnight parking restrictions will return on November 1.

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