Warden shares sentiments regarding presentation on school bus safety

Huron County Warden Glen McNeil says one of the most touching stories that he heard at last week’s Good Roads Conference was about a senior kindergarten student coming home from school.

McNeil says the boys name was Adam and the presentation was called Let’s Remember Adam. McNeil says when he arrived at his home, he got off the school bus.

“The arms of the school bus were out, stop sign was extended, flashing red lights were on and he attempted to cross the road. His brother was behind him, saw an on-coming vehicle was not going to stop, tried to reach Adam’s back pack and missed by six inches,” McNeil shared.

Adam lost his life in North Bay in 2000.

McNeil says they were told that’s not an isolated incident.

“We were told that in Ontario every day thirty thousand vehicles do not stop for the red light and the extended camera arm and the stop signs being extended. Thirty thousand vehicles a day,” McNeil stated.

McNeil says it’s hard to understand how a motorist could miss flashing lights and the extended arm of a stopped school bus. He says they’re going to enlist the support of the Western Wardens Caucus, the Eastern Wardens Caucus and AMO to get cameras on the buses that would get a picture of any car and its licence plate that failed to stop for the bus and send that to the police.

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