Hard-hit Covent Garden Market in line for $1.8M in city funds

A chunk of city cash should go to replenishing the nearly empty reserve fund for the Covent Garden Market, a city council committee recommended Tuesday afternoon. The city posted a $19.6-million budget surplus in 2021 and most of that money is earmarked for reserve funds to improve city infrastructure and expand affordable housing. But $1.8 […]

Builders urge city to tap federal budget billions to speed home construction

London builders will push the city to tap into a $4-billion federal fund to speed new home construction. The London Development Institute (LDI) and London Home Builders’ Association (LHBA) threw their support Friday behind the recent federal budget, calling it “a genuine effort” to increase housing supply, support new home buyers and make housing more […]

2.8%: City politicians trim proposed tax hike in daylong debate

Mayor Ed Holder declared Thursday that city council won’t use taxpayers “like an ATM,” as politicians waded through the 2022 budget and shaved a percentage point of the property tax hike.  City politicians whittled next year’s property tax hike down to 2.8 per cent on Thursday, endorsing cuts to public works spending, tree trimming and […]

City politicians eye $10 million of surplus for London affordable housing

London city politicians voted Monday to overrule their policy for spending a budget surplus, instead endorsing a plan to funnel $10 million into affordable housing. City treasurer Anna Lisa Barbon told council’s corporate services committee that staff are projecting an $11.2-million surplus by year’s end, though she admitted there’s still “quite a bit of uncertainty” […]