Owen Sound water system repairs leads to reduce pressure for some residents

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Residents in the southwest part of Owen Sound will experience reduced water pressure Tuesday.

Households that are serviced by the Beattie Booster Station will notice the lower flow, as the station will be taken offline for one day for water system work.

The area will be serviced by a different pressure zone during that time; the same zone that fed the area prior to the Beattie Booster Station’s construction in 2005.

The affected area is above the escarpment, south of 8th Street to Inglis Falls. Pressure will be restored to normal on Wednesday October 6th, 2021.

The City of Owen Sound water system has approximately 142 kilometers of pipe and services, with about 7,000 connections.

The City’s water system includes two booster stations, the reservoir, and the Water Treatment Plant with 6 pressure zones.

Map of water pressure reduction zone in Owen Sound

Map of water pressure reduction zone in Owen Sound

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