Huron Hospice 50/50 October raffle underway

The Huron Hospice October 50/50 raffle is on now to help raise the money needed to cover half the cost of running the facility.

Huron Hospice, Executive Director Willy Van Klooster said the Ontario Government covers half of the cost of Huron Hospice $1.2 million operations and pays for salaries and benefits for nursing staff. That means donors are needed to pay for other costs like Hospice community programs, such as grief and bereavement support for adults and children and youth. At the residence, donations help provide meals, heat and hydro and general building upkeep.

The raffle runs from September 30 to October 29. To buy tickets log on to and follow the links. When you buy tickets, you get 100 tickets for $40, 40 tickets for $20 and 5 tickets for $10.

“Throughout the COVID pandemic, interest in our raffles has grown. They have become an important part of our revenue during the pandemic. We do understand that playing a raffle is not for  everyone,” said Christopher Walker, Huron Hospice Manager of Fund Development.

He went on to say, “If the raffle is not for you, there are other ways in which people can support Huron Hospice. They can support our Wings of a Dove Christmas program or make donations in memory of family or friends who have died.” said Walker. “Whatever way people choose to give, we know all gifts come from the heart, and all the money raised stays here in Huron County and helps us provide services for families close to home.”

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