O’Toole, Trudeau visit London in waning days of campaign

As we begin the final weekend of Canada’s 44th federal election campaign, the Prime Minister and the man hoping to take his job both visited London.

Justin Trudeau made a surprise stop in London West at Storm Stayed Brewery, where he was greeted by supporters and some protesters.

Meantime, Conservative leader Erin O’Toole made a stop at Bellemere Winery, which is also in London West.

O’Toole was talking about affordability, and anger that Canadians feel about an election, which he says cost $600-million, has been called.

“You need to do the one thing Justin Trudeau doesn’t want you to do, and that’s vote Conservative on Monday,” O’Toole said. “Your vote is the only way to stop Mr. Trudeau from gaining even more power.”

O’Toole also urged voters to stay away from voting for “smaller parties” and vote for his – the only party he believes actually has a chance of replacing Trudeau’s Liberals in Ottawa.

O’Toole and Trudeau’s visits to the riding come on the heels of NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and PPC leader Maxime Bernier rallying supporters in the riding earlier in the week.

The Conservative leader was asked – and dodged – several questions about Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s leadership on COVID-19.

“There’s five parties in this race, but there’s really only two choices. More of the same with Justin Trudeau, or Canada’s Conservatives,” O’Toole said when asked about Conservative supporters potentially defecting to the PPC. “In London West we have Rob Flack, an outstanding business leader, a volunteer, a passionate person from London who wants to put the community first,  as opposed to representing Mr. Trudeau’s interests.”

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