Ohio senators seek $1 billion bond issue in 2022 for Lake Erie and other Ohio waterways
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Ohio senators seek $1 billion bond issue in 2022 for Lake Erie and other Ohio waterways

Ohio voters could be asked to approve borrowing $1 billion in November 2022 to pay for improvements to Lake Erie and state waterways, including water treatment systems, wastewater management, watershed restoration, research and other items, under the b…


Report: Lake Michigan is ‘running a fever.’ More storms, less fish possible.

Researchers with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory have used the only known long-term dataset of deep-lake temperatures to determine that Lake Michigan’s temperature is slowly increasing over the past 30 years, subtle changes that over a long timeframe could shorten big lakes’ winters, lengthen their summers and have a […]


Army Corps releases latest Lake Michigan water level data

Lake Michigan appears to have hit its seasonal low for 2021 and lake levels are expected to begin their seasonal rise. Lakes Michigan and Huron, treated as one body of water in the Army Corps’ measurements and analysis, are about 1 foot below their record-breaking level last year of 581.63 feet, and about 2 feet […]

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Enbridge to Biden: Lake Michigan pipeline tunnel fits U.S. plans

Enbridge Inc. wants to show the Joe Biden administration that the tunnel the Canadian company is building for its oil pipeline under Lake Michigan is exactly what the U.S. president’s plan for better infrastructure is all about. Read the full story by …


Wisconsin state, tribal agencies warn against harassing tribal spearfishers as spring harvest begins

An incident involving gunfire near tribal spearfishers last year is prompting tribal and state officials to send a warning that harassment won’t be tolerated during this spring’s tribal spearfishing season. Read the full story by the Superior Telegram….

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Lake Superior has dropped to 18 cm above its normal level

The level of Lake Superior remains well above normal but it is also well below its high-water mark of a year ago. The International Lake Superior Board of Control reports that Superior was 18 centimeters (7.1 inches) higher than its long-term average (1918 to 2020) for this time of year at the beginning of April. […]


More meteotsunamis occur on Lake Michigan than any other Great Lake; New research may lead to lifesaving warnings about the potentially destructive waves

There’s no forecasting system in place, but recent research from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists, published in the journal Natural Hazards and based on the Ludington meteotsunami, might help forecast future waves. Read the fu…