Letters to the Editor: June 5, 2024

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Risky sales tactic

The Ontario government, led by Premier Doug Ford, has had significant negative effects on the health care, education and the Greenbelt. Now, Ford wants to allow the sale of alcohol in small stores which will lead to more shoplifting and possibly more danger for the employees who work there and do so usually for minimal wages.

This also may lead to increases in the consumption of alcohol by young people, which in turn may put more strain on the medical system.

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John Goldrick, London

Feds have role

Regarding Deb Rosebrugh’s letter to the editor Cartoons tiresome (May 29).

In the years after the Second World War, our immigration numbers were steady and the housing industry was able to fill the need, but now, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has increased the immigration numbers to a point where we can’t meet the demand.

With high immigration numbers, we suffer from problems such as changing zoning practices, traffic congestion and myriad other municipal pressures.

Let’s bring sanity back to our immigration policy.

Walt Lonc, London

Creative use

Regarding the article Diocese, foundation eye creative hub at St. Paul’s Cathedral (May 29)

This is an idea that needs to be adopted by more groups and organizations and not just churches.

We need many more individuals and corporations to become socially aware and use a bit of creativity in addressing some of our homeless problems.

Allan W. Janssen, London

Limit exec pay

Regarding the article Calls mount for board purge at LHSC (May 28) and others reporting on executive pay and exorbitant travel expenditures at LHSC.

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As the parent of a young child who had to travel out of province to see an ear, nose and throat specialist, I am personally disgusted.

We need more doctors and nurses, not overcompensated executives. Perhaps it is time for legislation limiting executive pay in our hospitals. No chief executive should make more than the doctors providing the actual care.

If your services are so valuable, I’m sure you could find a private sector employer willing to pay your ridiculous salary.

Daniel A. Meidinger, London

Lawn the problem, not the mower

Brian Aziz’s letter Try new tactic (May 29) raises some issues about gas-powered lawn mowers.

They are century-old technology. Unlike gas-powered autos, they have inadequate mufflers, no catalytic converters, and no electronic fuel injection. Even the Model A was more modern.

The other issue is the lawn itself. Isn’t it about time we began regarding the huge lawn in the same way we do smoking? It is not as if every lawn is a practice field for the Blue Jays. For years, the local naturalist groups have been telling us to convert our lawns to ground covers, flowers and shrubs. Imagine a front and back yard with shade, flowers and birds. And you never need to buy gas for a mower again.

David Nielsen, London

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