Gas companies helping customers reduce gas usage and demand

As the demand for gas continues to grow, gas companies are posed with an interesting challenge of helping their customers reduce the need for it.

Wayne Passmore, technical manager with Enbridge Gas, said his company has a number of programs designed to help customers do just that.

Passmore was a panelist at a recent discussion about the Path to Net Zero in Huron County, hosted by the Chamber of Commerce for Goderich, Central Huron and North Huron. He said they’ve been successful for several years in helping customers use their product more efficiently.

“But as the population continues to grow, as business continues to grow, as the economy continues to grow, the energy that this province needs continues to grow,” said Passmore. “So, that becomes a real challenge.”

Passmore added what the Bluewater Recycling Association has done, using manure to fuel their trucks, is a great idea.

“They’re taking organic waste, capturing it, working with it to recover the methane that comes off of that and making bio gas into renewable natural gas, it’s pipe line quality natural gas,” he said. “But instead of putting it back into the pipeline, they’re using it to fuel their vehicles.”

Passmore said that shows that creative thinking can result in a solution.

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