Community Improvement Coordinator says Clinton mural nearly complete

Central Huron’s Community Improvement Coordinator says Clinton’s mural has now been created.

Clinton was one of five communities chosen for a mural through the Huron County Mural Project. Angela Smith says the painting is complete, but what makes this mural unique is that it works with an animator.

“The mural works with an animator so when we go to see the mural, if you download the app and hold up your phone while you’re viewing the mural, the mural will start to move and create almost a miniature movie,” Smith shared.

Smith says the technology is fairly new to our area but it will allow them to showcase so much more through the animation than you can see at first glance.

“For example, you’ll notice when the mural gets installed that there is a large tractor, a current style tractor on the mural. In the animation the tractor will drive away and you will see more of the history of farming,” added Smith.

The mural will be mounted on the wall of the Partners Paint and Paper store on Isaac Street and the video is about 45 seconds long. Smith says the painting will be visible from the traffic lights and she suggests you park your car and walk over to the mural to see the whole video. Smith says the mural will be installed in June and at that point the animation will be engaged.

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