Municipality launches Additional Residential Units Registration program

North Perth is launching a new Additional Residential Units Registration program.

Also known as ARUs, additional residential units are, as North Perth Fire Chief and Manager of Development and Protective Services Janny Pape explains, self-contained units with a private kitchen, bathroom facilities, and sleeping areas.

“ARUs are different from other residential uses because they are clearly accessory to the primary dwelling on the property in both use and appearance. ARUs come in many forms and can be located within the primary dwelling, within other structures or as a standalone structure,” Pape explained.

North Perth is launching an Additional Residential Units Guide on its website ( with more information on how to register an ARU. Council is also, in an effort to diversify housing options, allowing a 1-year moratorium on ARU registration fees, which will implemented and in place until April 17, 2024. Chief Pape says registering an ARU on your property has a number of important benefits.

“There are a number of benefits to registering an ARU with the municipality/fire department. These include: the registration’s inspection process will make your ARU safe, registration will help emergency services to dispatch appropriate staff and equipment in calls for assistance, the house/property will be officially recognized as having an ARU by the Municipality, which will assist in future real estate transactions,” Pape said. “Also, a registered ARU will receive a municipal street number to ensure waste pick-up services, mail delivery, and school bus transportation, as appropriate, and prospective tenants will be able to verify whether an ARU rental unit has been registered with the Municipality.”

North Perth shared in a media release that property owner(s) of an ARU must obtain a building permit for each ARU on their property and complete all necessary final inspections. Apply to register your ARU(s) by completing the application form available online:

“Those interested in constructing an ARU are encouraged to reach out to Development and Protective Services to discuss their plan prior to construction.  A building permit is required to construct an ARU,” noted Pape.

Ultimately, Chief Pape says the goal here is to encourage new types of affordable housing and give people options outside of more traditional means.

“ARUs have many benefits for both those seeking housing and property owners, including increased supply of attainable rental units in the community, rental income opportunities to make home ownership more affordable, increased gentle housing density without promoting urban sprawl to agricultural lands, advanced environmental sustainability, as ARUs are built on existing developed land and housing for family or friends who may need extra care, such as co-housing arrangements for older adults,” added Pape.

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