Liberal leadership candidates visit Wingham

About sixty people took advantage of the opportunity to meet four candidates for the leadership of the Provincial Liberals at the Wingham Golf Club on April 29.

The Communications Director for the Huron-Bruce Provincial Liberal Association, Jim Newman, says it’s essential that they elect a dynamic leader for the next election, and he says he was impressed will all four candidates.

“The four people that talked today I think are all very, very dynamic people. Some of them are in Kingston and Ottawa, there’s a couple from Toronto. I found the ones from Toronto, actually, a little more knowledgeable about the rural than I thought they would be,” Newman enthused.

Newman says it will be very important that they thoroughly research all of the candidates and come up with a dynamic leader and that that will trickle down to the local ridings.

“Affordable housing seems to be quite a problem. I’m from Kincardine and I know that with the Bruce Power influence, affordability of any kind of housing in our area is extremely thin. So I think they have to come up with some solutions on affordable housing for sure,” added Newman

The four candidates are MPP Ted Hsu , MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, MPP Stephanie Bowman and MPP Adil Shamji.

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