Higher energy bills lead Wellington County to take action

Wellington County now has Home Energy Tool Kits available at select libraries to test your household’s energy usage.

The kits guide users through an eight day process. It uses simple tools, activities, tips, and information to understand where your usage stands.

The different activities are:

Day one: Mechanical System

Day two: Windows and doors

Day three: Insulation

Day four: Humidity

Day five: Air quality

Day six: Water

Day seven: Appliances and Electronics

Day eight: Lightening

“We are seeing an increase in the energy bills in Ontario, with many residents looking for ways to save energy and money,” said James Seeley, chair of the planning committee. “We are pleased to offer a simple and affordable way for our residents to better understand their household energy use to save money and have a more comfortable, affordable home.”

The kits are currently only available at Harriston, Rockwood, and Fergus libraries. All libraries in Wellington County, however, have the ability to transfer them for rental in other areas.

The kits will be available at all 14 libraries soon.

More information can be found on their website.

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