STEGH invites parents to add their baby’s name to new mural

Parents of babies born at St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital (STEGH) will have the opportunity to add their child’s name to a new mural.

The Born at STEGH wall was unveiled Friday inside the hospital’s Women and Children’s Unit, located on the third floor of the hospital. The mural, comprised of colourful bubbles floating over a grassy field, was created to celebrate all the babies, past and present, delivered at STEGH.

Families who have already, or who will soon deliver their bundles of joy at the hospital, are invited to purchase a bubble by making a donation in support of the unit, which supports hundreds of families every year in ensuring the delivery of their child is a good experience. Parents can also puchase memorial bubble, with wings added to it in memory of babies who have passed

“As the population in St. Thomas-Elgin continues to grow, so has the Women and Children’s Unit,” said Manager Jackie Mitchell in a statement. “Approximately 740 babies are delivered annually at STEGH. Community donations help ensure we have new equipment and technology to provide safe, high-quality care to our tiniest patients.”

So far, two names have been added to the wall, one being Nora Jackson, daughter of STEGH Foundation Board Director Renee Vansevenant and the other, Olivia Mae Fox, daughter of Foundation Board Treasurer, Brett Fox.

Along with Born at STEGH wall, the hospital foundation also revealed a second mural on the unit, welcoming families to take a photo with their newborn baby before going home as a keepsake. The words “On our way” are displayed on this wall, with frosted glass where the baby’s name can be written, along with their birth weight and date.

STEGH has provided neonatal care to the region since the 1960s. According to the hospital’s website, the team on the Women and Children’s unit is made up of 35 nurses (both RN’s and RPN’s), four Obstetricians, four Paediatricians, and Elgin County Midwives.

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