Huron Hospice calls on province for more funding

An official with Huron Hospice says they need more funding from the province to keep pace with cost increases that came during the pandemic and haven’t eased.

Manager of Fund Development Chris Walker said hospices are supposed to have half of their nursing costs funded by the province.

“The other 50 per cent (is) provided by donor contributions,” said Walker. “For Huron Hospice it’s a little bit different. We’re funded to 40 per cent, so we ask the community to help us raise 60 per cent or over $700,000 a year.”

The increase in costs is one factor and while they’re very grateful for the support from their communities, Walker expressed donor revenue has not been keeping pace with where it has been in the past.

“Hospice and Palliative Care Ontario, our Provincial sort of umbrella governing body has asked the Ontario government for $46-million to bring all hospice residences up to that 50 per cent mark,” he said.

According to Walker, those discussions are on-going and they’re hoping for an answer soon.

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