LCBO scrapping single-use paper bags

The LCBO is telling customers to BYOB – bring your own bag – next time you head into one of their stores.

The retailer is working to reduce its ecological footprint by phasing out single-use paper bags.

Over the next few month, the LCBO will rid itself of the branded paper bags and instead encourage customers to bring their own reusable tote, purchase one in store, or request to reuse a cardboard box or 8-pack carrier.

“Fifteen years ago, we took the lead to remove single-use plastic bags from our stores. Now, the removal of single-use paper bags is another important step in our efforts to minimize our impact on the environment,” said George Soleas, president & CEO of the LCBO.

Around 135 million paper bags are distributed through LCBO stores and convenience outlets per year, according to the retailer. By phasing out this packaging, the LCBO says it is preventing 2,665 tonnes of waste from making its way into landfills and saving about 188,000 trees.

“We know that our customers believe strongly in our initiatives to innovate on packaging and create less waste. We thank them for always driving us to do more to create a more sustainable Ontario and for their support through this transition,” Soleas said.

The LCBO recently finished its Shine Sustainably campaign as part of its Sprit of Sustainability platform. The company has partnered with Tree Canada/Arbres Canada with a goal of planting a million new trees throughout the province. Customers and employees donated over $820,000 to the initiative.

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