County celebrating Tourism Week with new and updated tourism brochure

Perth County Tourism is celebrating Tourism Week by letting everyone know about their new Discover More Tourism brochure.

Tourism Officer Ashley Lansink says this year the brochure has ballooned to 36 pages, with loads of destinations and experiences to learn about and enjoy.

“Ranging anywhere from trails, to events, to bakeries, to golf courses, to breweries, all the good stuff is in here. People can check their mailboxes this week if they live in Perth County and the surrounding areas. If you don’t get a brochure mailed to you, you can pick one up at any of the Perth County municipal offices, libraries, or any of the featured businesses in the brochure,” Lansink shared.

The brochure, as always, is loaded with new experiences, including the Discover More Adventures Signature Experiences.

“These are any sort of hands-on, immersive experience being offered by business owners. They range from alpaca walking, to goat picnics, to farm dinners, wood working, build your own charcuterie board, visit a beehive. Whatever your interest is, there’s likely an experience in here that suits you,” Lansink said.

The Discover More Flavour Farm Gate Map, which is now available in a digital version, is also featured in the brochure.

“So we’re currently sitting at 81 farm destinations across the county that you can visit. At these locations, you can have experiences that range from picking your own berries, taking a farm tour, or shopping for local produce,” Lansink explained.

On top of that, the brochure is teasing the upcoming Perth County Cycle Route Map, which will feature 9 signature routes.

“These range in terrain, in length, in difficulty, and they’re anywhere from 22 km, sort of an easier ride, all the way up to 230 km, so a multi-day ride, where you can really come and visit all that Perth County has to offer,” added Lansink.

For more information, visit the Perth County Tourism page on the county website ( or follow @PerthCoTourism on socials. More information on the Discover More Adventures experiences can be seen here:

The Discover More Flavour Farm Gate Map can be found here:

More on the Cycle Route Map can be seen here:

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