Brockton council approves window replacement for historic theatre

Brockton council approved spending over $31,000 to replace 15 windows at the Victoria Jubilee Hall.

Volunteers have spearheaded the window repairs at Walkerton’s historical theatre over the last few years. Bob McCulloch, secretary of Victoria Hall Jubilee Committee, told council they’ve been able to keep costs low, spending about $350 per window. But now they’ve reached a point where the work can no longer be done safely and must be contracted out.

Trillium Glass offered a quoted rate of $27,770+HST to replace 15 windows with tempered glass.

McCulloch  says it’s necessary work to preserve a landmark.

“Volunteers have said we are not going to let the elements destroy this treasure,” he said. “And we are winning, that’s the nice thing. We’ve won because we’ve had support from council in the past, because we’ve had grans because we’ve had support from the community. So the time is now. This is one of the last portals into Walkerton’s history.”

Council voted in favour of the repairs and will cover the cost using money from heritage reserve funds.

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