Local Warden excited about renewable energy opportunities

Huron County Warden Glen McNeil says he thought last week’s Good Roads Conference was very productive.

McNeil says one of the presentations that he found very encouraging was made by Bluewater Recycling Association President Francis Veilleux.

“Bluewater Recycling Association powers their four vehicles on renewable energy from manure. There is a digester that is generating renewable natural gas from dairy manure,” McNeil shared.

McNeil says he’s been told there are more digesters coming to Huron County so he believes there are some amazing opportunities going forward.

McNeil also learned something else.

“When Francis commented that they converted their vehicles over to renewable natural gas at a cost of approximately a million dollars. Their realization now in savings in a converted to diesel fuel is .41 cents a litre,” added McNeil.

So, McNeil believes that’s very cost effective and the fact that it is working and it is saving money, as well as creating greener energy, suggests that more people are likely to try it. McNeil says he believes it has a great future in Huron County.

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