New crosswalks being planned for Wellington North

Wellington North is potentially going to install some new pedestrian crosswalks in Arthur and Mount Forest.

Director of Operations, Matthew Aston, said council saw the plan on January 16, and they’ll work with the Ministry of Transportation to get the project going. He added they have the three locations for the potential crossings picked out.

“Durham and Main Street in Mount Forest, Fergus and Queen Street in Mount Forest, and Conestoga and Smith Street in Arthur,” Aston shared.

Aston says the next step would be to work with the engineer to put together designs for the crosswalks.

“The township needs to work with our engineer to try to put designs together for those locations, and then we’ll need to submit that to the MTO to get their blessing,” added Aston.

Aston reckons each crosswalk will cost roughly $120,000 to install.

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