South Huron approves budget for local arena upgrades

South Huron council has approved expenditures totalling 6.5 million dollars on the Stephen Township Arena and the South Huron Recreation Centre.

South Huron Mayor, George Finch, says two million will be spend on the Stephen Township arena and will include upgrades to many of the components of the arena.

“There’ll be upgrades to the different components of the arena itself to make it viable for the future. Plus, by adding a full cement pad in the facility it will make it more useful in the off-season, because it’s just a sand floor at this time.”

Finch says they’ll be investing 4.5 million into the South Huron Recreation Centre in Exeter.

“So the South Huron Recreation Centre, we are going to be investing 4.5 million dollars into that facility and that’ll be consisting of the change rooms on the west side, we need change rooms there, the foyer, itself and the kitchen, the bathrooms in that area will all be updated.”

Finch says the second phase will be the actual upper level.

“It’s the first phase for the South Huron Arena, the South Huron Rec. Centre, that’s the first phase to get that done and then the second stage will be the actual upper level, which will consist of the walking track and the gymnasium.”

He adds, there are no time lines yet for the work, but they’ll go ahead with phase one on the South Huron Rec. Centre while they wait for the reports on the feasibility of phase two.

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