Q+A: New Covent Garden Market boss strives to create community

Sam Latella began his new job Oct. 4 as manager of Covent Garden Market, replacing Bob Usher. A retail veteran, Latella brings with him 19 years of retail management experience, most recently as manager of the Metro grocery store at Cherryhill Village Mall. The City of London, which owns the market building, touted Latella, a born-and-raised Londoner, as someone who will use “data-driven decision making” to help vendors and customers at the venerable market. “I was a kid that grew up in retail and grocery. I started basically when I was a kid in ’87,” Latella said. His accolades include awards from Metro and Foodland Ontario. On his first day at his new job, Latella answered questions from Free Press reporter Dan Brown. Read More

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