Huron County looking ahead at work plan

Huron County is working on a plan for what is known as a ‘Steady State’, a result of the ongoing pandemic.

CAO Meghan Wark says businesses and organizations have been adjusting through the pandemic.

That includes the option for employees working from home, and the county is no different.

“The work from home component has been in place now since the beginning of the pandemic and so we are looking to continue the program, continue the modernization of the county through the beginning of 2022, forward,” said Wark.

Wark says a key component of that will be performance management of staff.

“And it will continue, so we need to continue to work with staff to ensure that the work gets done and we’re meeting the time lines set out for us by council and by our partner agencies and by the public,” added Wark.

Another dynamic part of the situation is monitoring employment levels, being aware of retirements and work on ideas and solutions to where they want to be a in a couple of years.

Wark adds she believes flexibility moving forward is an important part of the current work culture and she expects we’ll continue to see that for a number of years.

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