The unemployment rate in Stratford-Bruce Peninsula region low

The unemployment rate in the Stratford-Bruce Peninsula Economic Region dropped to 3.6%, down from 3.9% in August.

That’s according to the latest report from the Four County Labour Marketing Planning Board.

That compares to a provincial rate of 8.1%.

Overall net employment in the local region increased by 1,200, with 700 gains in full-time positions and the rest in part-time.

This has been the third consecutive month that there has been an increase in part-time workers.

There was an increase in jobs in the construction, health care and transportation sectors while there were drops in agriculture and the accommodation and food services sector.

Gemma Mendez-Smith is the Executive Director of the Four County Labour Marketing Planning Board.

“Many of the job losses could be attributed to students returning to school and the seasonal nature of parts of the local economy,” said Mendez-Smith. “Nonetheless, an increase in the labour pool
remains a key priority for the region as there are many jobs that continue to remain vacant for extended periods.”

There is a job list at that is updated regularly.

There are currently over 2,500 postings.

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