Local hospice begins fundraising campaign for renovations

The Chair of the Board for the Huron Hospice says they’re making presentations to all of the municipal councils in Huron County to raise money for a renovation at the hospice

Jay Mcfarlan says they were at capacity before the pandemic hit and demand for space fell off as more people preferred to stay at home where they could be with their loved ones. But he says as the restrictions on visitors are lifted, they see an increased need for space.

“We still see the increased need in the future, so we need to increase the space that we have and that means adding four bedrooms at the end of Huron Hospice to increase from our current four beds, now we’d have six beds with our renovations complete.”

He explains, they re-purposed two of their four bedrooms to create a reflection room and a children’s play room, so the four bedrooms that would be added with the renovations would give them a total of six bedrooms.

McFarlan says their fundraising goal for the new renovation is 1.6 million dollars. But, he says, they’re one of several hospices that have qualified for a capital grant from the Province.

“There are several hospices that have qualified for this grant. We are one of them and we have 680-thousand from the Province in a capital grant ready for us, but we need to have matching funds in our banks account. So if we raise 680 and have that in our account, we automatically double it.”

McFarlan adds the renovation also calls for sidewalks, an enclosed entrance and a circular drive way to make it easier to come and go. That will offer some protection from the elements at the entrance as well as more outside space, including private patios for each bedroom.

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