Avon Maitland DSB looking for bus drivers

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The Avon Maitland District School Board Manager of Student Transportation says they’re currently facing a serious shortage of bus drivers.

Janice White says they had all of their routes covered as school was about to start but she also knew then that she needed more drivers for back up in case anyone got sick.

The shortage of drivers has been a concern throughout the Province for some time but has just recently caught up with schools in Huron and Perth.

White says a big challenge is the number of jobs that are available in both counties in a wide variety of fields.

“I know we’ve had at least one operator who trained a brand new driver this summer, very excited, started the route, but then got offered a full-time job. So they were in a position where they needed to work full time,” said White.

White also acknowledges it’s not an ideal job for everyone.

She says for someone who has their own small business and a steady income coming in, they can know they’re going to be driving in the morning and afternoon, but can still do their paper work or manage their business in between.

“That works great for them or retired people that don’t want to work full time. But if you need full time, a split shift is not attractive.”

More information and application forms can be found on ourschoolbuses.ca.

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