New policy aimed at reducing single-use plastics approved by local council

South Huron council has approved a new policy aimed at reducing the use of single-use plastics.

South Huron Strategic Initiatives Officer, Stacey Jefferey explains the policy is really a reduction policy and applies to the things that are procured by the municipality.

“Those are things that we can directly control, so it’s not a complete ban, but it’s a start. And the implementation of this policy really will require some education and awareness around single-use use in the municipality.”

Jeffery says the roll out of the policy will focus on education for municipal staff and council and identifying some of the challenges in reducing the use of single-use plastics in the work place. She say, from there they’re going to communicate with external stake holders.

“From there then we’re going to communicate with external stake holders and really highlight some of the successes that we’ve found and then, hopefully community members and business can then learn from what we’ve learned and that will include collaboration with groups like Eco Exeter.”

Eco Exeter is the high school team that started the single-use plastics reduction movement in the Exeter area and has worked very closely with local businesses.

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