County Council moving ahead with plans for new paramedic base

Huron County council has approved a plan to create a paramedic base adjacent to the Brussels Fire Hall.

Huron County’s Chief of Emergency Services, Jeff Horsemen, says the proposal is now being looked at.

“So the proposal right now is that, in cooperation with Huron East, we look at getting a site plan developed, which would include two paramedic vehicle bays in a garage area and the associated living quarters.”

Horseman says the living quarters would include a number of amenities.

“So a kitchen and a crew room, washroom, medical storage room, maybe a small meeting room, an office for them to do their administrative work and we’ll come back to county council after we have a site plan with a little bit more indication about what the costing might be like.”

Horseman adds, the move was driven partly by the need for a site in the Brussels area, but also by the pandemic. He explains, the paramedics were stationed in the Huronlea long-term care home in Brussels until the pandemic was declared.

“Mixing high-risk paramedic contacts with long-term care residents is not appropriate, especially in a time of pandemic, so we left the long-term care home, I think, the day after the outbreak was declared.”

Horseman says since then they’ve been temporarily housed at the Fire Hall in Brussels, but their vehicles have to remain outside and they have to share the fire hall with the fire fighters.

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