Solidarity march in Mildmay

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A march for solidarity saw close to 100 people gather at the Mildmay Recreation Centre Wednesday evening, to protest vaccination certificates now mandated by the Ontario government.

Organizer, Ashley Grant, says there was a mix of attendees, from single people to families, the vaccinated and unvaccinated, and more.

“It was just incredible to see people coming together regardless of their political, their medical, their professional, or their personal views on everything that’s going on right now. Everybody there was in support of having no vaccine passports.”

Grant says it’s important to note this protest wasn’t about being for or against vaccinations, but the feeling of civil rights being infringed upon by eliminating Ontarians right to choose.

“This new policy, this new rollout of rules, is really just about discrimination. I think just because an issue doesn’t hit home for you personally, it doesn’t mean there isn’t discrimination happening.”

South Bruce mayor, Robert Buckle, was invited but unable to attend due to a prior commitment.

He says the municipality supports the public’s right to rally, but will continue to uphold requirements set out by the province.

“People have the full right to attend a rally to express their views about different issues. That is their right, and we have no control over that whatsoever,” said Buckle.

Municipalities and businesses who do not adhere to the rules put in place by the provincial government could face penalties and fines.

Grant says it’s likely they’ll hold more rallies at other locations in the future, if there is enough support.

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