Vaccine certification system goes into effect

Starting Wednesday, Ontario residents will need to show proof they have had both shots of the COVID-19 vaccine to get into some businesses.

The vaccination certification system goes into effect Wednesday, and those who have not had both shots, or don’t show proof they have, may not be allowed into a list of businesses.

These include casinos, movie theatres, gyms, meeting and event spaces, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, strip clubs, and racing venues.

Places, where proof of vaccination will not be required, include outdoor restaurant patios, grocery stores, retail stores, and access to healthcare.

Until the province issues its QR code system on October 22, residents will have to show their vaccination receipt and a piece of government identification.

Those that have a medical exemption from vaccination will have to show a note from their doctor on the facility’s letterhead stating why they are exempt.

If you no longer have the receipt you received after your second dose, you can download it from the Ontario Health website.

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