London to install speed detection cameras in some areas

It won’t just be city police officers keeping an eye out for speeders anymore.

The City of London announced a new speed enforcement program Wednesday as part of a new road safety initiative created to work with other speed reduction measures in an effort to improve safety in local neighbourhoods. The system will utilize cameras and a speed measurement device to detect licence plates and ticket vehicle owners caught travelling faster than the posted speed limit.

“New road safety measures like Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) play an important role in strengthening our community,” said Mayor Ed Holder. “It is essential that Londoners respect posted speed limits to help keep our most vulnerable road users safe. This tool holds us all accountable.”

According to studies gathered by the city, the average driving speed observed in a school zone with a posted limit of 40 kilometres per hour ranges between 32 km/h to 58 km/h. Between 2015-2019, a total of 305 crashes involving “vulnerable road users” occurred on minor streets around London.

“Like other municipalities across Ontario, London is taking a data-driven approach to select and prioritize locations that will receive ASE based on local speed and collision data,” read a statement from the city.

City workers will rotate two ASE cameras across London in schools zones and community safety zones where city councillors deem necessary. For the program’s launch, the devices will be placed at Thompson Road between Adelaide Street South and Chesterfield Avenue and Second Street between Oxford Street East and Dale Street.

Once placed, a unit may remain in a location for 1-3 months. Signage will be placed in the area to identify active sites for drivers as the cameras are moved to different locations. Signs will also be placed notifying the community that the area will have speed cameras installed 90 days prior.

Residents are encouraged to visit to learn more about the program, or the City of London website for more information about local road safety initiatives.

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