Health Canada recalls portable firepots and fire pits

Health Canada is warning Canadians about some fire pots and fire pits sold on Ubuy.

The Xbeauty Tabletop Fireplace and Rectangular Fire Pit post a fire or burn hazard and are missing the appropriate labelling and hazard information.

It advises anyone who bought the pots online to stop using them immediately and contact the manufacturer or your municipality to find out how to dispose of them properly.

“While the flames in these firepots may seem less intense or more controlled than traditional wood-burning fires, there are serious risks involved with using these products,” said a statement from Health Canada. “When you pour liquid or gel fuels into a portable fireplace, firepot, or fondue fuel reservoir that is still burning or hot, the vapour inside the fuel container can ignite, and flames can violently shoot out of the container.”

The advisory goes on to say the products may be prohibited, counterfeit, of poor quality, or not as advertised.

“When purchasing a portable firepot, look for one that uses single-use fuel canisters or gel fuels that aren’t pourable,” said Health Canada.

It also advises never refueling firepots over a flame and make sure it has cooled before refueling. Use a snuffer to ensure the flame is out and only use them on a stable, level surface.

It’s not the first time the agency has issued a recall for different firepots. There were previous recalls in May and July. However, no injuries related to the products have been reported.

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