Province says paper or digital proof of vaccination will be accepted

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The province released more details of its vaccine certificate program Tuesday.

Starting September 22nd you will need to show proof of vaccination by showing a paper copy of your second dose vaccine certificate to access certain services.

Associate minister of digital government, Kaleed Rasheed, says on October 22nd, the government’s QR code app will go live allowing businesses to scan a code on your smart phone.

“I want to be very clear. On October 22nd you will have the choice to download the QR code enhanced vaccine certificate or you can continue to use the print version,” stated Rasheed.

The proof of vaccination will be needed to eat in a restaurant, go to the gym, or attend a sporting event or night club.

One of the goals is to encourage more people to get the vaccine and Ontario Health Minister, Christine Elliott, says it’s working.

“Already we are seeing the impact with over 90,000 first doses administered in the week following our announcement to require proof of vaccination. An increase of 29 per cent form the previous week,” said Elliott.

The province is also expanding its list of people eligible for a third COVID-19 shot.

Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Kieran Moore, says people undergoing active treatment for solid tumours, being given chimeric antigen receptors, or with severe or moderate primary immunodeficiencies will be eligible.

Some people with HIV or AIDS will also be offered a third dose.

Moore is asking people to be patient as it could take some time for care providers to reach all those now eligible for a third dose.

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