Provincial and federal governments invest millions in local community and recreation projects

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The federal and provincial governments are investing over 11.3 million dollars in 30 community, cultural, and recreation projects.

A release this morning said they are working together to “reduce the impact of the pandemic, ensure health and safety, rebuild business, and promote job creation, growth and investment.”

Among the list of projects getting funding is the renovation to the Lion’s Head Community Centre Arena. It includes building six new barrier-free dressing rooms, creating a multi-purpose room and new space for the Bruce County Library. The province is investing more than 1.6 million dollars and the federal government, nearly 2 million dollars in the expansion.

In Minto, improvements to the Palmerston and District Community Arena are getting $966,000 dollars in funding from the federal government and $796, 950 dollars from the provincial government.

“Recreational, cultural and community infrastructure is vital for community well-being and development,” said London-West MP Kate Young. “Today’s investment in 30 recreation and community projects across central Ontario will provide residents access to important recreational programs and services, and modern and accessible facilities for years to come. Canada’s infrastructure plan invests in thousands of projects, creates jobs across the country, and builds cleaner, more inclusive communities.”

Project Name Location Project Details Federal Funding Provincial Funding Municipal Funding Other Funding
Accessibility Upgrades to Three Municipal Public Parks


Adjala-Tosorontio, ON The project will upgrade accessibility at three parks and includes accessible pathways and a play structure designed for people with disabilities. The changes will improve access for all park users. $118,110 $98,415 $78,750 $0
Accessible Washroom & Equipment Storage for Soccer Recreational Facility


Brockton, ON The project will construct a building outfitted with washrooms, sports equipment storage and a future snack bar. The building will improve accessibility and the user experience for players and spectators. $352,032 $293,331 $234,717 $0
BNFC Community Centre Upgrades


Barrie, ON The project will upgrade the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and lighting systems, doors, parking lot, as well as the acoustic panels and flooring in the gym. The changes will improve the quality, accessibility and safety of the facility. $687,656 $168,063 $0 $61,156
Caledon Public Library Branch Renovation to Create a Maker, Media, and Innovation Lab


Caledon, ON The project will refurbish an existing library to a new service model that includes a maker space, meeting and training rooms, a recording studio, and spaces for co-working and connecting. The improvements will help ensure that residents have access to connectivity and technologies to support learning, innovation and entrepreneurship. $121,872 $101,550 $0 $81,258
Capital Improvements to the Marsh Street Centre


The Blue Mountains, ON The project will replace and repair exterior bricks, install new signage, replace the stage ceiling and improve lighting. The practice rooms will also be upgraded with new soundproofing, drywall, carpet and a ventilation system while an accessible washroom will be renovated. The changes will improve the safety, accessibility and functionality of the facility. $54,120 $45,095 $0 $36,085
Centre Dufferin Recreation Complex Pitched Roof Replacement


Shelburne, ON The project will install a new roofing system that includes roofing and flashing membranes, a vapor retarder, top overlay board, bottom insulation  and waterproofing. The improvements will better protect the facility from leaks that could damage assets and cause service disruptions. $284,625 $237,164 $189,774 $0
Construction of Two Additional Tennis Courts and Related Infrastructure at Mono Tennis Club in Mono Centre


Mono, ON The project will construct two accessible tennis courts with fencing and lighting as well as accessible washrooms and a new parking area. The upgrades will improve accessibility and the user experience, and support the expansion of tennis programs. $206,800 $172,316 $137,884 $0
Construction of a Multi-Use Accessible Pedestrian Trail along Boyne River in Community of Alliston


New Tecumseth, ON The project will construct a 350 metre multi-use and accessible pedestrian trail, which will include a new asphalt path, rest areas, benches, signage, lighting and landscaping. The path will improve  accessibility and facilitate active transportation by connecting downtown to amenities at Riverdale Park. $160,002 $133,321 $106,681 $0
Construction of an Outdoor Recreation Court at Crossings


Ramara, ON The project will design, supply and install a concrete pad and outdoor, multi-use court for basketball and pickleball along with fencing. The new venue will provide greater access to outdoor recreational activities for all community members. $38,500 $32,080 $25,670 $0
Improvement to Lion’s Head Community Centre and Arena


Northern Bruce Peninsula, ON The project will expand and rehabilitate the community centre and arena by adding six, barrier-free dressing rooms, a multi-purpose room, new library space, and by rehabilitating and adding new  washrooms to address accessibility. The changes will improve community access and functionality, and encourage healthy lifestyles. $1,975,818 $1,646,351 $1,317,377 $0
Improvements to Riverdale Park in Alliston


New Tecumseth, ON The project will  design and construct a new pavilion, and install shade features at the splash pad area, two playground structures and a rubberized surface at Rotary Park. The upgrades will offer improved and increased opportunities for inclusive play. $529,320 $441,056 $352,924 $0
Kemble Community Center Accessibility and Energy Efficiency Upgrades


Georgian Bluffs, ON The project will upgrade the accessibility of entrances, washrooms and the parking area, and install a new steel roof, new flooring, and a heat pump HVAC system. The insulation, electrical and fire suppression systems will also be upgraded. The changes will improve access to recreational and social services, and increase energy efficiency. $678,000 $564,944 $452,057 $0
Kincardine to Inverhuron Provincial Park (KIPP) Trail


Kincardine, ON The project will construct a 12 kilometre, paved trail between Kincardine and Inverhuron Provincial Park. The new trail will support healthy living and provide a safe and scenic connection to communities and facilities in the municipality. $435,160 $362,597 $290,143 $0
Mayfield Recreation Complex – Infrastructure Improvements


Caledon, ON The project will repair the aquatic facility’s foundation, install controls on the pool heating system to improve energy efficiency, replace benches and hangers in the pool and arena, expand showers in change rooms, and replace the main lobby flooring. The project will extend the life of the facility, increase energy efficiency and improve the user experience. $203,100 $169,233 $135,417 $0
Mildmay Carrick Recreation Complex (MCRC) Rehabilitation Project


South Bruce, ON The project will replace aging refrigeration equipment in the arena with a new compressor, evaporation condenser, insulation lines, and a dehumidifier. In addition, the ceiling above the rink will be painted and kitchen cabinets and countertops replaced in the recreation hall. The project will improve energy efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and support the expansion of recreational and social programming. $102,120 $85,015 $68,165 $0
Multi-Sport Courts for All


Severn, ON The project will install a multi-sport, outdoor court by providing a hydro connection to the site, applying athletic surfacing and lines, and installing adjustable basketball net posts and  lighting. The outdoor court will provide new sports activities for the community and encourage healthy living. $284,400 $236,976 $189,624 $0
Paisley Town Hall Accessibility Project


Arran-Elderslie, ON The project will install an accessibility lift and a hoist beam, which also involves drywall, framing, flooring, and painting. In addition, the furnace will be upgraded. The changes will improve accessibility to this historic building. $77,595 $64,656 $51,737 $0
Reconstruction of Lovely Day Park Playground


Ramara, ON The project will design and construct a new playground structure, and remove existing equipment. The new structure  will improve safety and accessibility, and enable recreation activities to be enjoyed year-round. $60,950 $50,787 $40,638 $0
Rehabilitation of 1875 Log School House and 1850 Log Home, Exterior Exhibits at Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre


Saugeen Shores, ON The project will  re-shingle the roofs of two historic buildings  and replace windows, window casings, and an exterior log. The upgrades will improve the safety and functionality of the buildings, and decrease operation and maintenance costs. $14,568 $12,139 $9,713 $0
Rehabilitation of Caledon Trailway Bridges


Caledon, ON The project will rehabilitate four pedestrian bridges along the Caledon Trailway, and includes repairs to concrete abutment walls and replacement of timber frames, railings, and decking. The upgrades will improve the safety and accessibility of the trail. $240,000 $199,980 $160,020 $0
Rehabilitation of the North Huron Wescast Community Complex (NHWCC)


North Huron, ON The project will replace the pool dehumidifier, lower roof, and insulation in interior walls, and remove barriers to showers in the changerooms and dressing rooms. In addition, the sound system will be replaced while baffling in the hall,

basketball hoops, and an indoor walking surface will be installed. The upgrades will improve accessibility and use of the facility while increasing energy efficiency and managing humidity levels.

$335,790 $279,797 $223,888 $0
Renovation and Expansion of a Recreation Facility and its Grounds


Minto, ON The project will renovate existing and add new dressing rooms, upgrade lighting at a baseball field, and construct a third baseball diamond with backstop fencing. The upgrades will improve the access, safety and quality of recreational infrastructure. $966,000 $796,950 $652,050 $0
Renovation of the Kitchen in the Community Centre at 36 Main Street in Penetanguishene


Penetanguishene, ON The project will install accessible counters, cabinets, and work surfaces, which will include plumbing, electrical and painting work. The renovation will improve the accessibility and quality of the community kitchen. $26,461 $22,049 $0 $17,643
Renovations at the Beaver Valley Community Centre


The Blue Mountains, ON The project will replace the parking lot and roof, update lighting, windows, and doors to increase energy efficiency, and upgrade the HVAC system. The changes will improve the functioning and energy efficiency of the community centre. $687,500 $572,859 $458,391 $0
Sound Masking Project


Orillia, ON The project will install a sound masking system at the Orillia Public Library. The changes will reduce noise levels in the library’s quiet zone to allow for research and study, and increase the accessibility of the space to more users. $9,850 $8,208 $0 $6,567
Teeswater-Culross Community Centre Rehabilitation and Renovation


South Bruce, ON The project will  renovate and rehabilitate the facility by replacing the refrigeration plant, incorporating a barrier-free design and implementing energy efficiencies. The upgrades will improve accessibility, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and extend the life of the asset. $321,200 $267,399 $214,401 $0
Toanche Recreation Pavilion


Tiny, ON The project will replace the skating rink at Toanche Park with a covered skating pavilion with open sides and natural ice, and construct a support building with restrooms, changerooms, storage and a community meeting room. The upgrades will provide local and area residents with better access to the facility. $316,800 $263,974 $211,226 $0
Trail Bridges Replacement  Hanover Community Trails System


Hanover, ON The project will replace three trail bridges and rehabilitate another in the Hanover Community Trails System. The trail rehabilitation will improve the quality and accessibility of recreational infrastructure, and will promote active transportation. $860,640 $717,128 $573,832 $0
Updating the Grand Valley and District Community Centre


East Luther Grand, ON The project will install a new floor in the arena which will include new dasher boards, concrete work, refrigeration lines, and add six change rooms. The changes will improve the quality and functionality of the facility, and help meet the community’s growing recreational needs. $1,147,500 $956,154 $765,096 $0
Washago Community Centre Outdoor Rink


Severn, ON The project will install suitable boards with proper gates and latches for an outdoor rink/ playing surface, along with new netting and lighting. The changes will

improve the safety, use and accessibility of the facility.

$73,040 $60,861 $48,699 $0

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